Parents Drinking Habit Increases Risk for Kids to Become Drinkers

Parents Drinking Habit Increases Risk for Kids to Become DrinkersIt has been suggested that parents should not drink often in front of their children. It has been said so, as this can act as a trigger for children to indulge in the same habit.

The study was taken out by the think-tank Demos. The study researchers affirmed that many times, it happens that parents start drinking when their children have gone to bed. But, it is not necessary that this tactic of parents will work always, as children are smarter these days.

"This does not mean that parents can never drink in the presence of their children, but they should bear in mind how frequently they are drinking", said study authors.

The study, which was continued for two years, is based on 17,000 people, who took part in Birth Cohort Study. Not only this, interviews were carried out with 50 families.

After assessing the findings, the study researchers affirmed that children, who always found their mothers to be drinking, were two times at an increased risk to indulge in hazardous drinking.

The authors concluded by saying that it is the mistake of children, if they think that their drinking habit does not put any effect on children. It has become vital that they assess the dangers associated with drinking habit.