Food Manufacturers to Give Evidence of Health Benefits of their Products

Food Manufacturers to Give Evidence of Health Benefits of their ProductsAfter the recent directions to manufacturing and packaging laws, the food manufacturers have to provide evidence to prove the health benefits of foods as claimed by them.

The changes were made in the laws in New Zealand and Australia. The officials will take help of the rating systems for the front view of packs of food products. The federal and state governments said any kind of claims for example "low cholesterol", "low fat" etc will have to be backed up scientific evidence in the support.

"The new standard regulates the voluntary use of nutrition content claims such as 'low fat' and health claims like 'contains calcium for healthy bones' as well as endorsements", said Catherine King, the Federal Parliamentary Secretary for health in statement.

He said the new system will ensure that the health claims by the food products are true while the foods with high levels of sugar, fat and salt will eventually go out of the market after they are not able to give some proof for their false claims.

An announcement following the change in laws said it will help the people have greater confidence in products they consume while it said that the front-labeling of food packs is a "good progress".


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