How Effective Is Putting Child’s Weight in Report Cards for Preventing Obesity?

How Effective Is Putting Child’s Weight in Report Cards for Preventing Obesity?It may sound absurd, but how would it look seeing weight of a child on their school report? This is what has been suggested by none other than the man who led Australia's successful response to the AIDS epidemic, David Penington, while chalking out plans against the obesity crisis.

While talking in an obesity summit in Canberra this week, the former vice-chancellor of Melbourne University and dean of medicine said that by taking this move, discussions would be spurned between parents and teachers about what all should be done to maintain a healthy weight.

"It's not that I want the schools to be seen as the body responsible but, nonetheless, use the school environment as a way to contribute to ensuring the broader issues are there for discussion", he said while asserting that there are times when obesity starts from early childhood and it needs to be tackled there only.

While agreeing on the point that schools must be included to deal with the crisis, a child and adolescent psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg, made it clear that this move could instigate depression and anxiety among children.

There is dire need to adopt a more empathetic approach to manage the current situation of obesity instead of attacking undermine a child's self-esteem.


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