England to Introduce Compassion-Based Appraisal in Nursing

England to Introduce Compassion-Based Appraisal in NursingEngland is considering introducing new three year strategy that will make sure that appraisals, recruitment and training of nursing staff are based on the compassion they provide to patients.

The medical authorities have found that patients are unable to receive care they expect and the treatment they receive is also raising concerns. Therefore, the officials have stepped in to make plans that will evaluate nurses not only on the basis of their technical skills but also on the basis of compassion they receive.

The Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Cummings, is expected to make public statements on the issue and will probably discuss what he calls the "betrayal of nursing and other medical professions.

"The actions we are setting out can change the way we work, transform the care of our patients and ensure we deliver a culture of compassionate care", she said. While talking to BBC Radio 4 that nursing is an emotional care and the plan will ensure that nurses deliver the best possible care to the patients.

The strategy was launched in wake of the concerns raised over the care quality at the NHS hospitals and care centers. It was also found that there were problems with the cleanliness of surroundings and help given to patients.