Animal Welfare Groups talk About Animal Testing

Animal Welfare Groups talk About Animal TestingAnimal welfare groups have started showing big concerns towards the partial Government back down over testing party pills on dogs and several other animals.

In his recent statements, Associate Health Minister Mr. Peter Dunne has clearly ruled out the "lD 50" test under which the sample group of animals is given drugs until half of them are dead. He added that he has ruled out the above test but he does not favor others though they are unpleasant, they are necessary.

But the minister's statements are not liked by Bob Kerridge from the SPCA as he told TV ONE's Breakfast in an interview that "It is totally unnecessary to do it".

"When you have experimentation on animals there has got to be a very reason for it, there has to be an outcome, and the people that want the experiment have to look at the outcome, there is no outcome here", he said.

He said people are already familiar with the fact that party pills are dangerous and difficult for them, then why is there any need to experiment same on anything. He said SPCA does not favor animal testing in any shape or form until it has a good outcome for people. Party pills do not help anyone so it cannot be justified, he explained.


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