Wellington Sisters Prove Real Friends to Cancer Patient Molly

Wellington Sisters Prove Real Friends to Cancer Patient Molly"A friend in need is a friend in deed". It has been proved by two sisters from Wellington, both of whom were aimed at helping their friend suffering from fatal cancer. The sisters auctioned rights for their own middle names and have helped Molly Frank, 19, to go on her dream holiday.

It has been found that Lynda and Katy Grimmer did the auction on Trade Me. They have received the support of a number of people and the auction closed with a winning bid of $3520 last night. A Kapiti Coast TradeMe member made the same, who has wished to remain anonymous.

The two sisters did not have their middle names at birth and thus, they were fully open to "creative ideas". Now, they would be changing their middle names as per Molly's preference, with Lynda keeping it as Lynda Molly Grimmer and Katie keeping hers as Katie Frank Grimmer.

Molly would now be enjoying a family trip to the South Island. The sisters are happy to have their friend's name with theirs for the rest of their life. ''We are over the moon. We didn't even expect to reach the reserve ($1500). It's something we can be proud of and have forever", affirmed Lynda Grimmer.