ACC Should Review TBI Report Implications, Says Labour

NeurosciencePublished in international medical journal The Lancet, a new report has been claiming that the level of traumatic brain injury problem was underestimated previously. The report has been released by AUT University's National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neuroscience.

The report has called for a review into the implications by ACC so that it could find what is wrong and could make necessary changes and improve its programmes as well as approaches. The implications clearly say that above 36,000 traumatic brain injuries take place in New Zealand each year.

The same means that every 15 minutes, one such incident occurs, which further makes the scenario too concerning. It is being said that the burden actually being carried by the nation is greater than anyone could expect.

A spokesman for ACC says that its claimants face too much difficulty when they need help for head injuries, particularly when it is too late after accidents. Professor Valery Feigin, lead researcher, and colleagues are suggesting that new strategies should be urgently adopted so that this 'silent epidemic' of TBI could be reversed.

"This report should result in a major review within ACC to make sure their programmes and customer service approaches reflect the reality of brain injury in New Zealand", Prof. Feigin affirmed.