DIABECELL® Phase IIb Trial against Type 1 Diabetes Begins in Argentina

DIABECELL® Phase IIb Trial against Type 1 Diabetes Begins in ArgentinaDIABECELL® has begun with its phase IIb trial in Argentina, which is aimed at treating patients with type 1 diabetes.

Launched by Living Cell Technologies (LCT), DIABECELLr is all set to complete its all clinical trial by 2015 and followed by commercial availability of the product in 2016.

Aimed at curbing the unstable type 1 diabetes, DIABECELLr treatment involves the transplant of pig pancreatic islet cells into patients' abdomen. It helps to enhance the production of insulin in the person's body and maintains glucose levels.

Under the trial in Argentina, some 20 patients will be given two implants at a difference of 12 weeks. Both the implants are of 10,000 IEQ/kg (islet equivalents per kilogram of body weight).

The dose is claimed to be the most effective against the type 1 diabetes. It is the first treatment that features islet cells transplant and does not require administration of the bad immuno-suppression drugs.

DIABECELLr trial of Argentina is being carried out to reveal the medical benefits of it before it comes out for commercial use in the market. "With each trial analysis we grow increasingly confident that DIABECELL will bring many benefits to patients with unstable type 1 diabetes, and we remain intently focused on reaching the market by 2016", said Professor Bob Elliott, the Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, LCT.


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