Chemotherapy Now Possible for a Single Organ too

Chemotherapy Now Possible for a Single Organ tooResearch has achieved a major milestone in the field of chemotherapy, the process that is used to kill cancer cells in patients.

The technique called "chemo-bath" will now help deliver the cancer treating drugs to just one part of the body. It is being used on the cancer patients for the first time in the UK.

Earlier used chemotherapy drugs were injected into veins of the patients. These are quite toxic in nature and apart from affecting the cancerous tumors, it affects the whole body. It kills the cancer cell but it also affects the other body parts adversely. As a result, the patients suffer fatigue, sickness, hair loss and fertility is damaged as well.

The new research has come as the turning point in the history of cancer treatment. Chemo-bath targets on the cancerous organs and treats it while the other parts of body are saved from the side effects. In the UK, two patients suffering from eye cancer, which was spread to liver, have been delivered chemo-bath on their livers only.

In the process, liver is isolated from the body by the inflated balloons on either side of the organ. Then the liver is delivered chemotherapy drugs which are filtered out of it before it is connected back to main blood supply. The whole process takes about 60 minutes.


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