Pakistani Boy Seeking Asylum in the UK

Pakistani Boy Seeking Asylum in the UKIt has been reported that a Muslim boy has arrived in the UK after being shot in the head in Pakistan. The boy, Ummad Farooq, went to Pakistan to attend his brother's wedding. The boy is now being treated at Queen Elizabeth hospital.

Ummad Farooq previously came to the UK on a study visa. Following the incident, he has now asked for asylum in the UK. According to the family members of Ummad Farooq, he became a victim of community politics as his father is the President of Ahmadiyya in his locality.

In 1974, many serious attacks were launched at the Ahmadiyya community. In the same year, the Pakistani Government declared the community as non-Muslim community. Since then, the members of this community are being targeted by the leading Muslim community.

Ummad Farooq's brother was shot dead during the attack on 19th of October. The bullet has been removed from Ummad Farooq after using small endoscope which was inserted in his nose by the surgeons of Queen Elizabeth hospital. The surgeons said the bullet was close to his brain and eye. But, the operation was successful as the surgeons were able to take out the bullet without any hassle.


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