Direct Consumption of Fish More Beneficial Than Supplements

Direct Consumption of Fish More Beneficial Than SupplementsYet again, it has been proved that consumption of oily fish reduces the risk of stroke. A research was being carried out in which it was being found that if a person eats fish and especially oily fish, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids every week the reduces risk of stroke.

While carrying out the research, it was also found that fish oil supplements do not provide the same amount of benefit that is being provided by direct consumption of fish. In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the study researchers carried out an assessment in which they assessed 28 studies.

All the studies were being carried out on the same aspect. In total, almost 800,000 people were involved, who belonged to 15 different countries. European researcher said that five to eight times fish in a week were able to reduce risk by 12%, but the effect was moderate, if people consumed two to four times fish per week.

"This research shows that it could also help to protect us against stroke. However, it's interesting to see that taking fish oil supplements doesn't have the same beneficial effect", said Dr Peter Coleman, who is the deputy director of research and working at the Stroke Association.