Google Prepares Sandy Crisis Map for Keen Users

Google Prepares Sandy Crisis Map for Keen UsersHurricane Sandy, which has recently battered and shattered the mid-Atlantic region, has got a map for itself with Google, reveals a recent report. And the same is going to provide a little help to all those people, who have been keen to gain information about the deadly or super storm.

Google has brought the same along with the availability of Google's new Public Alerts now on Google Search & Maps. The report finds that the service is available on Google Now for Android devices also that run Jellybean and on Google Maps for Android.

It has been found that people bellow for resources related to the Sandy not only online but off tonight as well. And Google has been allowing people to visit as well as share its live interactive Super Storm Sandy 2012 crisis map.

It is being said that the map would permit people to toggle checkboxes that would show summaries of power outage information. They would also get in touch with storm forecast and tracking, shelters with location and phone numbers in a popup box.

Besides, with the help of the "save for offline" function in the Google Maps app, the map can also be saved to a smartphone.