Tobacco Industries’ New Strategy of Marketing: Smartphone Apps

 Smartphone AppsHealth experts have warned that tobacco industries have implemented a new way to motivate smoking amongst the young people. Specific apps supported by smartphones have been found encouraging the youth in indulging in smoking.

Findings in a recent research have proposed that several such apps are available online, which can be easily accessed and have been downloaded by many.

Researchers claimed that following restrictions imposed on these tobacco companies to promote smoking, this is the recent way they have adopted to market their products.

The study published in the medical journal Tobacco Control highlighted that during the month of February, 107 apps were included in the Apple and Android Market app stores, which target at encouraging young to start using cigarettes.

Researchers stated that the Apple App store promoted 65 of such apps and Android Market included 42 of them. During the month, as many as 11m people downloaded the 42 apps promoted by the android Market.

Researchers said, "The apps included images of particular brands, told users where they could buy tobacco products, provided cigarette brands' packaging to use as wallpaper on their smartphone and let smokers simulate smoking behavior".

Department of Health has highly criticized the apps, but mentioned that UK law won't be able to take significant steps to demote the apps.