Report Raises Concerns Over Use of Synthetic Drugs

Report Raises Concerns Over Use of Synthetic DrugsA recent annual report on the use of illegal drugs has raised concerns over the increased use of synthetic cannabis products. Methamphetamine users have been discovered to be using more of such illegal drugs. Figures suggest that the use has depicted a sharp rise from 10% administered in 2010 to 41% in 2011.

It has been reported that several such drugs still used have been barred, as a result of which there has been a dramatic rise in use of synthetic drugs since the past three years.

Researchers at the SHORE and Whariki Research Centre at Massey University conducted the study in the year 2011 on Illicit Drug Monitoring System (IDMS).

Lead researcher Dr. Chris Wilkins asserted that 372 legal high users from different parts, including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, were inquired regarding the inclination towards the drugs, its availability, cost and effectiveness and impact of certain major illegal drugs and were asked about consuming any new drugs, since the past six months.

Conclusions suggested that inclination towards new drugs was low, although, the percentage of users increased at regular intervals.

Dr. Wilkins said, "The study is conducted to provide timely information about changes in drug use, and inform responses such as better provision of drug treatment services and reducing barriers to entering treatment".