Obesity’s Main Targets are Baby Boomers

Obesity’s Main Targets are Baby BoomersA study by the University of Adelaide researchers has uncovered that baby boomers are most vulnerable, whether to obesity or any other chronic illness, than their parents at the same age, as per a new report.

The claims are being made after examining the generation that had taken birth post Second World War and before the mid-1960s. It is being said that the difference in the rates is a matter of great concern and addressing the same needs new public policies.

It has been found that the ones with three chronic conditions or more were 700% higher in proportion as compared to the previous generation. While they were realizing a two-fold increased rate in terms of obesity than their parents, the rate of hearing loss and asthma was two times less in their parents as well.

Also, when it came to diabetes, the rates were noted to be three folds more than amid their parents at the same age. And cholesterol levels were almost double in baby boomers, as per the findings.

The team suggests activeness can only help baby boomers remain fit and healthy. "We have to do something now in terms of reducing obesity as a risk factor if we're going to manage health costs into the future", said Professor Graeme Hugo.


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