Robbie Williams welcomes his baby daughter to the world

Robbie Williams welcomes his baby daughter to the worldRobbie Williams became a proud father to a baby girl. Becoming a father for the first time on Tuesday, his wife Ayda Fiels 33, gave birth to their daughter in London and weighed 7lb 4oz.

The delighted new dad showed off his daughter to the world yesterday posting a picture on Twitter. The picture showed his daughter named Theodora Rose and affectionately called as Teddy snuggle on his chest. Robbie, 38, told fans: "Daddy's second nappy change... Teddy's second day on the planet."

The singer expressed his ideas how he intends to raise Teddy, he said "All I want her to have is manners - 'Yes, please' and 'Thank you' - and to be kind. If she has those, she can get away with murder with me." Robbie Williams has all plans set for their newborn. He is not in favour of bringing up his daughter in LA, where the couple are living currently and wants her to have a British passport. Though they are still not clear how to go about it.

Robbie Williams's two-year-old marriage with Wife Fields who is a Turkish-American actress. The couple have been together for five years, welcomed their first child Theodora.

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