Swine Flu Vaccine May Cause Narcolepsy

Swine Flu Vaccine May Cause NarcolepsyThe European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has revealed that swine flu vaccine, which was used in 2009-10 in Sweden and Finland, was linked with a sleeping disorder among children and young adults.

The sleeping disorder narcolepsy has caused a lot of problems to children and teens. The study revealed that not only is Sweden and Finland, but the vaccine Pandemrix has caused a lot of problems in other eight European countries as well.

"The case-control study found an association between vaccination with Pandemrix and an increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents (five to 19 years of age)", said the ECDC. The officials were of the view that they have taken the case study of Sweden and Finland because these two places had witnessed the most severe impact of the vaccine.

An ECDC spokesman said they have also taken out risk assessment study. After conducting the study, they have reached at a conclusion that the vaccine, which is being produced GlaxoSmithKline, has caused problems one in 20,000 children and younger adults.

It has been found through the study that Narcolepsy can cause severe impact on a person's chronic nervous system. It is needed that an effective treatment for swine flu is found.


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