12-Year-old Wellington Girl Loses Life against Meningococcal Disease

12-Year-old Wellington Girl Loses Life against Meningococcal DiseaseHer mother did not expect that her 12-year-old daughter would lose her life due to meningococcal disease. Lisa Crook, mother of Amanda Crook-Barker, said that her daughter was vaccinated and was a healthy child, so there is no reason that the disease engulfed her so quickly.

The Wellington family is quite sad, as Amanda was just one month away to get 13-year-old. Lisa said that Amanda was not feeling well in the morning, so she decided to take rest at home. However, things deteriorated rather than improving and Amanda died at 5pm.

Lisa said she was there when the incident happened, and was calling her daughter aloud, so she could hear her. Amanda's eyes were closed, but her ears were listening to her mother's cry. "She was actually a really healthy child. And that, I think, hurts more because there's nothing I could pinpoint that could have made her get so sick so fast", said her shocked mother Lisa.

Not only her family members, but everyone, who knew her in the school, are sad to know about the demise. In order to pay obeisance to Amanda, her school has been organizing a special mufti day. The event is being organized to raise $1000, so they could contribute to the funeral that will take place in the school on Saturday.