Former First Lady Unwell to Appear for Trial at Cambodia’s Court

Former First Lady Unwell to Appear for Trial at Cambodia’s CourtCambodia's war crimes court has accepted that the first lady of Khmer Rouge is unwell due to which she will not be able to be present at the court. Moreover, prosecutors at the court have suggested that she should be released.

The United Nation-backed court was informed by experts that former social affairs minister Ieng Thirith, 80, has been facing mental health problems. It has been reported that the conditions of the minister became more serious after judges advised her to undergo further treatment and tests in December.

Examining her current condition, it is being expected that she will never be able to face a trial; she will not be able to respond to accusations of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. The tribunal was informed by Prosecutor Tarik Abdulhak, that Thirith was not in a state to appear for the trial.

Abdulhak said, "It is therefore unlikely that she will face a trial again in any immediate or foreseeable period of time and therefore the grounds for her continued detention ... no longer exist".

However, three other top leaders have been charged for the same, one of them is Thirith's husband, who used to serve as foreign minister, Ieng Sary.