Select Straight Glass to Drink Beer, Say Researchers

Select Straight Glass to Drink Beer, Say ResearchersResearchers from the University of Bristol in England have published their recent study in the journal PLoS ONE, which says that before you go for a drink, you should choose a correct glass to have the same.

The latest analysis has led the team to suggest that a choice of glass would always help one to restrain his drinking pace. It is being said that an effective pace of drinking may be achieved easily as it only depends on shape of glasses.

Whether you choose a curved or a straight glass while brewing a drink, would have a deep impact on how fast you drink. The same is being guaranteed after the 159 social drinkers of ages 18 to 40 years enrolled for the trial showed that curvy glasses were confusing them while judging the amount or pacing themselves.

All the participants had no history of alcoholism. They were asked to either drink a non-alcoholic soft drink or a lager from a straight glass or a curved one. It was found that straight glass-drinkers were finishing their drinks in nearly
12 minutes. However, their counterparts did the same in only seven minutes.

The team concludes, "Drinking time is slowed by almost 60% when an alcoholic beverage is presented in a straight glass compared with a curved glass".

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