Apple Tablets Used To Improve Lives of Primates at Zoos

Apple-TabletsWell who ever thought that on day Apple would be used to improve the lives of Apes, primates surviving in zoos? Well believe it or not, conservation group Orangutan Outreach has started a program, which they have called ‘Apps for Apes’. Toronto zoo is working out on this project.

The group suggests that the reason behind introducing such a program is to make living of these primates better in the environment of zoo, which is done by mentally motivating them using Apple’s tablet.

The iPads that are donated are given to the zoo authorities, who take care of orangutans, the large reddish-brown ape. The Toronto zoo has also been covered in this program.

The iPads were given away to the zoo by a donor in March. A special team at the zoo soon started commencing with the program.

During the program, these apes are taught as to how to touch the screens of the gadget with their fingers. The team suggested that the apes initially use their nails to scroll the screen. However, that didn’t work.

By the month of April, orangutans Puppe and Budi learnt how to use Skype and they used it to communicate with the director of Orangutan Outreach, Richard Zimmerman.