Conference to Understand Health Issues of Transgendered to be Held in Australia

It has been reported that scientists and doctors would be attending a meeting-cum-conference at Cairns to understand more the health issues of transgenders. The conference called Sister Girl and Gender Diverse Conference is one of the first of it types in Queensland.

Doctors and medical practitioners have been found unaware of the health issues faced by the transgendered. The conference will take place on Friday. Health Expert, Darren Russell was reported saying, “There are specialists in this area around the country - both GPs who have got large numbers of transgender people in their community as well as clinics, specialists and psychiatrists who are experts in this”.

It seems like doctors and medical practitioners are paying greater attention to cancer and other life threatening diseases. However, they should not forget that transgendered face certain health complications which need to be addressed immediately.

The conference will provide an opportunity to the medical practitioners to understand the health issues of the transgendered. During the conference indigenous transgender people will share their experience as well. It is hoped that the conference will prove helpful in improving the medical science.


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