Decline In Circumcision Proving Expensive

Decline In Circumcision Proving ExpensiveIn a recent report, a team of researchers has warned that lower number of infant male circumcision could cause increase healthcare costs. According to the researchers, circumcision is necessary to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The report has been published in the pages of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. It has come to light that these days, only 50% of the infant males go through circumcision in the US. The decline has been taking place since 1970s.

Researchers have noted that decline in the cases of circumcision has led to an increased expenditure of $2 billion. However, if measures are not taken timely then the expenditure will go up to $4.4 billion.

Circumcision is said to be helpful in warding off the chances of a person developing sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Aaron Tobian from the team of researchers said, "State governments need to start recognizing the medical benefits as well as the cost savings from providing insurance coverage for infant male circumcision".

Medical experts and other researchers have agreed to the findings. The government is being pressurized to pay greater attention to circumcision. If circumcision is in the benefit for the health of people then it should be encouraged.


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