Despite Health Benefits, Chocolate Can’t Be Included In Healthy Diet

ChocolateStudies in context of chocolate, especially the dark chocolate, has emerged it as a positive icon. While on one hand, consumption of dark chocolate daily has been linked with a lowering of blood pressure, another study has tried to emphasize on the benefits of drinking cocoa, which can help boost memory in case of elderly people.

Further, certain other studies have linked chocolate with reducing body weight and relief from heart ailments. All positive talks, which mean chocolate, should be included as an ingredient of healthy diet.

Many of the researchers recommend the intake of chocolate, due to the inclusion of coca beans, which are rich in flavonols. Flavonols are a class of flavonoids. Flavonols are present in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Flavonols have been found to be effective in lowering blood pressure and also inflammation, which can affect the working of the brain. However, despite its advantages, it still cannot be included in the diet as a healthy food.

The US Food and Drug Administration have set limitations for the producers of chocolate in concerns to the health issues. They keep a regular watch on these manufactures so that they stick to the restrictions imposed.


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