Bacteria in Gut May Possibly Increase Pre-Diabetes Risk

Bacteria in Gut May Possibly Increase Pre-Diabetes RiskResearchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have recently revealed that particular kind of a bacterium in the gut of a person may be responsible for his increased risk of getting pre-diabetes.

It is being said by the group that almost 1000 bacteria stay inside the human digestive tract with some 7000 strains of each of them. These bugs play a key role in one's health, either positively or adversely. Since, many of these are helpful digestion, while the others lead to illnesses, pre-diabetes is one.

It has also been told that those bacteria residing happily even outdo human cells in numbers. If human cells are one in count, these are almost ten. Studying the stool samples of some 310 Amish volunteers so as to identify the gut microbiota, it was found that the bug was related to blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Some of the participants were obese and that too was found associated with the microbe. However, strong evidence is still lacking. Brandi Cantarel says, "With all that extra stuff, let's say genetic material in our bodies that doesn't come from us, it comes from other sources, we think it has to be doing something".