Aussies Restricting Junk Food, Seem To Have Become Cautious about weight

Aussies Restricting Junk Food, Seem To Have Become Cautious about weightRecent findings suggest that Aussies seem to have become more cautious of their diet and thus becoming choosier and are buying only healthy foods, leaving out the junk foods. Rather, it has been revealed that they are avoiding even their children to watch advertisements of junk food on TV.

The study carried out by Cancer Council Victoria and Obesity Policy Coalition, which has been recently published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, asked main grocery shopper in 1511 households nationwide about their opinions.

The study included participants, who aged between 16 and 64. However, majority of them were women aged between 35 and 54 years.

Findings in a recent study, which surveyed 1500 Australians, highlighted that a majority of 87% have shown their full support towards highlighted indications on food packages, including color-coding, which reveal that the food is healthy to consume.

Nevertheless, 83% have notified that advertisements of junk foods should be banned during the hours children watch TV. Rather, 56% suggest that such advertisements should be completely prohibited.

Further, 84% suggested that fast-food outlets must mention the kilojoules contained in the food. 87% stated that they agree to regulations being imposed on food companies, so that they bring about a reduction in the amount of fat, sugar and salt proportions in processed foods.


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