Air Bag issue: Hyundai recalls Sonata and Santa Fe cars

 Hyundai recalls Sonata and Santa Fe carsIn relation to the air bag issue, in accordance with U. S. safety regulations, Hyundai Motor Co is calling back some Santa Fe SUV's and Sonata sedans for separate air bags. The number of Santa Fe SUV's being recalled that were manufactured from April 2006 through July 7, 2008 are 228,797, because of the possibility of the air bag in the front passenger seat not deploying in a crash.

The number of cars being recalled in the United States in terms of Santa Fe cars is 119,118, from model year 2007 to 2009 while in Canada models cars from 2007 and 2008 have been recalled their number being 29,679. Hyundai is recalling 24,438 Sonata sedans in the United States and Canada for the model years 2012-2013, made from January to June this year, because the side air bag may inflate unexpectedly, to the surprise of the driver. The recall affects 22,513 Sonata in the United States and 1,925 in Canada.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, due to the difficulty of Santa Fe SUV's not being able to detect small people in the front passenger seat in a crash, it may not deploy the air bag.