‘Awe Therapy’ The Best Way to Overcome a Chaotic Lifestyle

‘Awe Therapy’ The Best Way to Overcome a Chaotic LifestyleExperiencing a wonderful moment can help you transform a newer you, who has enough of spare time to relax, who is patient enough to listen to others, less materialistic and of course helpful.

Yes, according to a recent research, there are some wonderful experiences in life that not only makes your time stands still but also improve your mental health and make you a better human being.

Today when people are living a fast-paced life with hectic routines and tiring jobs, then the research says there exists "awe therapy", which is quite effective to overcome the effects of such an advanced life.

Particularly describing the word “Awe”, it refers to an emotion which is felt upon bumping into something overwhelming. And as a reaction, it highly modifies one's mental perception.

For an example, whenever you get tired from something important in your life, just look at the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights, or lost in a dazzling display of stars; you’ll feel attached to that particular moment. You will forget those hectic schedules and will be honored to have more time to spare.

As said by the scientists from Stanford University in California, "A small dose of awe gave participants a momentary boost in life satisfaction. Thus, these results also have implications for how people spend their time, and underscore the importance and promise of cultivating awe in everyday life".


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