Officials get Stricter over ‘Painkiller Tourists' Trade

PainkillerSo-called ‘prescription tourists’ are the latest concerns of the law enforcement officials of states like Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, who have started coming up in their fight against this uphill battle.

According to the enforcement officials, these prescription tourists since a long time have been succeeding in failing local efforts to stop the illegal sale of painkillers as they are illegally bringing in the countries huge volumes of drugs from outside.

One of the very well introduced persons to this illegal tourism industry is a former boxer and weightlifter, Mr. Gerald Dixon, who has spent most of his adult life as the painkiller tourist by bringing in prescription pills from Florida to his home state of Ohio.

Dixon, 52, cleared in his statement about the profession that job of driving to Florida once in a month and bringing in a bagful of pain pills (legally and illegally) earned him tens of thousands of dollars. He further cleared that his sport had left him in pain, and while looking for relief, he got on with the painkillers. ‘It's all about cash, cash, cash’, Dixon said during a prison interview in April. ‘You go, you pay the money, and they're going to come back and say, 'Yeah, you're right, you was hurt’. Officials have already initiated to crack down on the trade.