WHO Delves into Unknown Disease Outbreak

WHO Delves into Unknown Disease OutbreakCambodia, which has recently seen deaths of around 62 children, is under investigation being conducted by a team of health experts from the World Health Organization, a recent report has unveiled.

While, each and every deceased child had suffered the same symptoms before his or her death. Also, another strange fact was they all were below 7 years of age. The actual reason has not yet been discovered.

Thus, the team has been looking for if it was a combination of different diseases or a completely new illness. Since, bacterial, toxicological and virological infections are commonly known infections, it is being suspected that these might have combined attacked those children one by one.

The WHO team has also found that starting from first case in April, all children had suffered high fever and severe respiratory problems before being hospitalized. Some of them had even realized neurological symptoms.

Though there is no evidence that disease has spread from human to human, it is being investigated if anyone amongst other age groups has also got the same. Hospital records and kinds of treatments provided are also being analyzed to reach a proper conclusion.

“As you can imagine, this will take time and we are still at the data analysis part”, said emerging disease surveillance’s leader Nima Asgari.