Telecom CEO Here to Stay, Determined Not to Resign

Telecom CEO Here to Stay, Determined Not to ResignIn light of failure of as many as four major networks in a mere 2 months, two managers have already lost their jobs, but Telecom Chief Executive Paul Reynolds is fiercely determined that he will not become the third one.

Today, Dr. Reynolds came face to face with the public to stress "enough is enough" after the XT mobile network in the south of Taupo managed to go down again yesterday evening.

The outage once gain angered the customers and result in one person not being able to place a 111 call to report an assault in Christchurch.

Today, Telecom revealed that it has already put its XT Network technology partner Alcatel on notice that it is not being able to deliver the "world-class" network that is being expected of it.

Also, Dr. Reynolds has announced a compensation credit package worth $10 Million to personal and business customers south of Taupo.

"I'm determined to get this fixed. I feel let down. I feel like as CEO I'm here for the tough times, to lead this organization through those tough times and get the right outcome for our customers", he said.