Health Board Decides Provision of CT Scanner for Queenstown’s Growth

Health Board Decides Provision of CT Scanner for Queenstown’s GrowthAs per a recent report, it has been revealed that the Queenstown Hospital will have to wait long for two years for a CT scanner i. e. a medical imaging device.

It has been found that the Southland District Health Board has taken the decision so as to bring improvement in the kinds of services being offered in the region. Also, the decision is being supported by the Wakatipu Health Reference Group and Central Otago Health Service Ltd.

The report says that the group is ready to cooperate and work in close coordination with the health board so as to see the scanner installation work as soon as possible. "We accept introducing a Queenstown scanner needs to be a part of an overall site redevelopment of Lakes District Hospital", said reference group chair and Queenstown mayor Vanessa van Uden.

It is being said that the plans for two medical scanners have been made so as to solve a split between central Otago communities.

While Wakatipu needs to wait long, Dunstan Hospital at nearby Clyde would receive the same in upcoming months. Central Otago Health Service acting chair Brenda Wills has told that before the same, some other works are to be accomplished such as operational and funding work as well as clinical and workforce issues.