Donations and numbers down for this year’s Race For Cure 5K

Donations and numbers down for this year’s Race For Cure 5KThe Race for the Cure 5K in Bushnell Park on Saturday morning was quite an emotional event, with the participants thinking about their relatives who are either cancer survivors or have lost their lives to the disease or are presently fighting it.

Going by the statistics pertaining to the Race for Cure 5K – which is one of the foremost fundraisers for the state Komen chapter – this year, the number of participants registered for the event, as of Friday, was 3,769, which incidentally was 25 percent lower than the figure of 6,380 participants for last year’s event.

As many as 852 participants had signed up to run and walk in the 5K this time round, with the number of finishers being 637; as against 968 finishers last year. Moreover, according to the event’s organizers, the rain on Saturday further deterred the walkup crowd.

The decline in the participants’ numbers, as well as in donations, for the race this year was apparently an upshot of a row between the national Komen foundation and Planned Parenthood over the winter.

Noting that the event still has a “lot of great supporters,” Dawn Thomas - co-chairperson of the event – said that people, by and large, were aware that the mission of Komen Connecticut is “to help eradicate breast cancer and to fund the people of Connecticut for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.”


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