AIHW Launches Waiting Time Website

AIHW Launches Waiting Time WebsiteIn order to provide more options to Mackay residents, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has developed a website MyHospitals, which gives an idea about waiting times in hospital across the region.

The website tells about cancer surgery waiting times in all the public hospitals, and one can chose the hospital, which has the minimum waiting line in the treatment to go for. As per the website, the Mackay Base Hospital, was having 74 waiting times list for breast cancer surgery, 44 in gynecological cancer and 19 for melanoma cancer and bladder cancer.

In addition, it has also been found that the total hip replacement surgery waiting times have gone down by 89 days in comparison to 108 days, a target being set by the Australian Government across the country.

MyHospitals do not cover price Mackay Hospitals, so people, who are looking to get their treatment done from those facilities, will need to do some hard work and look for hospitals.

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek said getting information in regard to surgeries while sitting at home reduces a lot of man hunt. “Waiting times on MyHospitals enables patients to find out more about local services and helps to drive improvements in hospital performance”, she affirmed.


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