Aussies Careless Towards Skin Health

Aussies Careless Towards Skin HealthAs per a new report, it has been revealed that despite receiving warnings about sunscreens’ harms, almost a half of the total population in Australia has been showing carelessness in getting themselves checked.

The report has found that sunscreens have been showing abnormalities and causing sunburns amongst users since past five years. And the same had caused health experts to raise awareness and warn people to get their skin checked by a medical practitioner.

It has been told by a team of researchers from Canstar Blue, who had conducted the study on 1500 Australians, who had purchased sunscreen. The review helped them in revealing that the slip, slop, slap message is being ignored by one in every five respondents of survey.

Also, these people are the ones who have suffered severe sunburns in the year passed recently. Further, some people check their skins, either once a month or regularly, on their own. Terry Slevin, Cancer Council Australia's Skin Cancer Committee chair, has affirmed that it depends on people’s skin type, skin cancer risk and history how frequently they get it checked.

"All our data tells us that the main culprits who aren't doing the right thing when it comes to early detection of skin cancer is blokes", he added.


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