Celebrity Nutritionist Libby Contended in Life

Celebrity Nutritionist Libby Contended in LifeIt seems that all is going well in the life of Dr. Libby Weaver, who is a celebrity nutritionist. She is Australian by birth, but now lives in Auckland, with her husband and also left her job as chief executive of the Auckland Racing Club.

Libby said that not many people knew her when she moved to New Zealand, but with increasing popularity, people starting recognizing her. Her regular stints on television, business partnerships helped her gain popularity.

Libby was quite appreciative about her husband and was of the view that all credit for her success goes to her husband, who has been with her like a strong pillar. Libby is a known face across the globe, as she always remains busy in her world tours.

Her weight loss seminars keep on taking place in different countries across the globe and massive population gathers to attend the same. She became a household name at the time when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004. Since then, there is no looking back as she is also hosting her own programme on television since 2009.

"I understand that nothing in the body works alone and everything talks to each other", said Libby, in one of his seminars.


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