Soon a New Drug to Prolong Melanoma Survival

Soon a New Drug to Prolong Melanoma SurvivalThe latest breakthrough by Australian researchers comes as a big boon for all the patients suffering from melanoma. A drug that prolongs survival for melanoma patients whose cancer has spread to the brain could just be round the corner and ready for use. The researchers claim that the drug that they are working on shrank such secondary brain tumors in 90% of patients and in some cases even led to tumors disappearing.

This is very good news for all the patients whose brain tumors spread from a melanoma as in usual scenario 50% of them die within four months. During this study all the patients under the same category were still alive at five months, whereas two were alive after a year and only one remained alive, 19 months after diagnosis.

This clearly shows that the drug is in fact beneficial in prolonging the death for some time. This breakthrough is very vital due to fact that there are few drug options for patients suffering from Melanoma.

Lead author of the study Dr. Georgina Long said, "The results across all the patients in the study were phenomenal. Until now there has not been a single drug that has shrunk brain metastases in more than 10 out of 100 patients with metastatic melanoma".


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