Huge E-Health Program Called Off

Huge E-Health Program Called OffIt has been recently revealed in a report that a huge $500 million dollar e-health program by the Victorian government has recently been scraped by them. It was revealed by the Health minister David Davis that a further rollout has been scrapped for the HeathSMART project, for the modernization of the information and community technology by the health system of the government.

He was of the view that the government is going to work on the basis of hospital by hospital, for the process of completing these set goals for the individual hospitals.

"In those hospitals where it has been put in place or partially put in place, health services will make their decisions from that position, but going forward beyond that health services will be able to examine what is appropriate for their particular service”, said Davis to the reporters.

The money being put in the project in huge and this is why there is need for appropriate measures to be taken so that the authorities don’t end up wasting such a huge sum of money in the time to come.

It remains to be seen what the turn of events bring for the authorities as well as the general people in the time to come.


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