Darebin Council May Increase Excise Tax

fast-foodAs per reports, it has been revealed that Darebin City Council, a Melbourne council, is thinking to raise the excise tax. If the proposal gets passed, then popular fast food joints will need to pay higher rates, which will discourage them to do their trade.

It has been done to bring a decline in the number of people suffering from obesity. The idea has been appreciated by health experts as well as by councils. Councilor Gaetano Greco said that the move is in the favor of public interest and will bring a decline in the illnesses occurring due to obesity.

However, fast food joint owners were of the view that it will be unfair on the part of the council that if they introduce the law only in Darebin. If they want to be impartial, then they should introduce the law in every part of Melbourne.

Greco said that the authorities concerned will look into the matter, but it is highly important to introduce the law in Darebin, as it has the highest number of type 2 diabetes patients across Victoria. “If we can somehow control the spread of fast food chain outlets, it will most likely lead to a decrease in diabetes and also a decrease in obesity”, he further affirmed.


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