Obama Administration Gives Deadline for Healthcare Act

HealthcareAs per reports, it has been revealed that the Obama administration has given deadline to all the states governments of November 16, 2012 for health care reforms. The Department for Health and Human Services said that they have prepared a detailed document, which has all the conditions that need to be met by the states.

The deadline is given before that the states have to meet all the requirements, so that they can move on with the health insurance exchanges that are going to begin in 2014. It is a long time dream of President Obama that people should get subsidized health covers.

Obama’s plan to introduce Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act seems to be turning into reality in which 16 million people, who do not have health insurance, will be able to get federally subsidized health covers.

Despite giving deadlines time and again, it has been seen that not all the states are taking timely actions. Some of the states are still waiting that the law might overturn, and some of the states have raised their concerns about the law.

However, some states are really working hard to get the law passed. "What this shows is that states are making real progress in delivering quality, affordable health coverage to their residents”, said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.


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