Popular Sandwich Brands Misleading Consumers

Popular Sandwich Brands Misleading ConsumersAs per reports, it has been revealed that eminent sandwich retailers have been by consumer group known as Which? as they are creating confusion by not following 'traffic light labeling'.

Labeling is important as it helps a shopper to decide that which product is best for him. It becomes necessary for a retailer to mentioned fat, salt, sugar and other details, on the front of the pack, so that shopper make sure that they choose the healthiest option for them.

It has been found that retailers like Tesco, Aldi, Caffe Nero and Greggs are not following the labeling and have not mentioning the portion size and other details on the front cover of the pack. It is also possible that ignorance of retailer have a taxing effect on consumers.

The consumer said that they assessed the three known brands and looked at their some of the important details, like calorie detail, fat, saturated fat and salt content. They found that information was not given properly.

As a part of the traffic light labeling, retailer has to put one of the three colors from yellow, red and amber. All the three colors depend on the things being contained in the different products.


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