Prescription Charges to Rise Next Year

Prescription Charges to Rise Next YearIt has been revealed through a new report that prescription charges may rise by next year, possibly resulting in low-income earners to suffer even more than before.

It is for the very first time in last 20 years that a prescription hike of $2 is being anticipated in the next year. The report has found that the rise in charges has been declared with an aim to invest more in the health sector.

As per the findings of the report, the government has been planning to use the income in cancer treatment as well as in introduction of more number of elective surgeries and scans.

However, Kaitaia GP Lance O'Sullivan strongly opposes the government’s plan saying it was merely a way to pull votes. According to his statement, those who are already missing out on their medications due to existing charges will suffer even more.

Also, the number of sufferers would augment and the price hike would even cause some to die in hospital seriously sick, which is a matter of huge concern. "The reality is we need to have some type of means testing when it comes to accessing healthcare", he added.



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