Sunscreens May Cause Skin Cancer, Say Researchers

Sunscreens May Cause Skin Cancer, Say ResearchersThe Environmental Working Group has told that most of the sunscreens commonly used by people contain toxic ingredients, which are hazardous to health, a recent report reveals.

It has been told by the group that nearly 56% of sunscreens contain oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate, which may not protect against the UVA and UVB sunrays.

The team says that the component called oxybenzone is although known to protect against ultraviolet light by absorbing it. It can probably be absorbed through the skin and may cause hormone disruption. Also, it might also cause skin cancer, if cell damage occurs.

Further, the group also doubts the presence of retinyl palminate in sunscreens. It claims that this particular type of vitamin A can be the possible cause of increased risk of skin cancer in humans.

The team has affirmed that the reports are however based on experiments done on mice. But, it is highly possible that humans may suffer the same. It has been revealed that only 25% sunscreens out of 800 have been proved to be effective without any harmful effects.

As per reports, oxybenzone in sunscreen has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration though. The same is recommended for children above 6 months and adults.

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