Clinic Risks 50 Lives after Surgery

Clinic Risks 50 Lives after SurgeryAs per a recent report, it has been revealed that a group of almost fifty women is taking a legal class action against the medical regulator of a Melbourne clinic for contracting hepatitis C after receiving their treatment.

The report has revealed that the treatment had been received by them between January 2008 and December 2009. It has been found through the report that the women, who expected to ensure their wellbeing with the help of the doctors at the clinic, later discovered the awful disease instead.

Thus, they planned and filed a case in the Victorian Supreme Court against the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, anaesthetist James Latham Peters as well as the now obsolete Croydon Day Surgery.

It is being said that while it is the first case against the regulator, the anaesthetist Peters is already facing a long list of criminal charges. He has previously been charged of carelessly causing serious injury over the hepatitis C scandal and a conduct endangering life as well.

A clinic, which is always expected to save lives of people, has endangered lives of many with its negligent attitude. It is to be seen what action the court will take in regards of the same.


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