Meningitis B Drug Developed

Meningitis B Drug DevelopedAs per a research, which has been published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal, it has been revealed that Australian researchers have developed a kind of vaccine, which is able to prevent meningitis B.

Lead author Peter Richmond, from the University of Western Australia's School of Pediatrics and Child Health, said that in order to reach at the above given result, they enrolled more than 500 adolescents from Australia, Poland and Spain.

The test group was given the vaccine and the antibodies developed by them were able to protect 90% of strains in the meningitis B group. The disease is quite common in countries like the United States, Europe and Australia.

Peter said that the disease generally affects adolescents in which they develop an inflammation of the lining around the brain. In severe cases, the disease also affects spinal cord also and its fatality rate is between
5 and 14%.

Richmond said that the research has not finished yet. They are going to conduct a further research in which they are going to target another 200 children, who are extremely sensitive to the disease. If the drug shows effect even on the second time then they would get license for the drug. It will take about three to five years to reach at that level, said Richmond.


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