Phoenix Woman Charged For Forgery

Phoenix Woman Charged For ForgeryAs per reports, it has been revealed that a healthy Phoenix woman used to take money for her breast implant surgery, by saying that she has to undergo an important breast operation. Friends and family members used to think that she has been suffering from breast cancer and would need money for her double mastectomy procedure.

Jamie Toler, 27, is being charged for fraud, said a police spokesperson. He further affirmed that Toler got caught at the time when her co-worker Carmen Klemis suspected her and informed the police about the matter.

Thorough investigation was done and it was revealed that Toler is absolutely fine and is not suffering from any sort of disease. Friends and relatives are shocked to know that Toler did this for her breast implant surgery.

Carmen said, "They were just well-intentioned people standing by in support of an individual who needed it". Toler was able to raise as much as $8,000, said police officials. They have further revealed that till now, she has not undergone any kind of surgery and would be attending a court hearing on Thursday.

It has further been revealed that Toler is not guilty for what she has done, and said that she asked doctor to do the surgery for free, but he did not agree.


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