Whopping cough Pandemic in Washington State

Whopping cough Pandemic in Washington StateIt has been revealed that Washington State is going to witness worse epidemic of whooping cough. It has been further revealed that till now 1,132 cases has been officially registered, and is expected that the count will reach to
3,000 for this year.

Governor Chris Gregoire said that there have been all the arrangements that will bring a decline in the number of people being affected with whooping cough. They have also given $90,000 in the form of funds, so that vaccine for whooping cough can be made available.

She has suggested that parents should make sure that their children have received the vaccine. "I'm especially concerned about the vulnerable babies in our communities that are too young to be fully immunized. These actions will help state and local health leaders get vaccine", she further affirmed.

Secretary of Health Mary C. Selecky was also of the same view and affirmed that in her 13 years long career, it is the first that she has to use the word `epidemic' to describe the current situation. He further affirmed that the disease is of serious nature and experts and parents should take it in the same manner else things could worsen in the time to come.


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