Health Minister Urges Further Awareness to Tackle Stroke Risk in Ireland

Health Minister Urges Further Awareness to Tackle Stroke Risk in IrelandThe number of patients suffering from stroke in Ireland has been a high. The recent figure from the Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke state that there are nearly 4,000 people who suffer from strokes every year.

Moreover, there are 32,000 other people who live with the condition that arise after suffering a stroke. Now, the Health Minister, Edwin Poots, has assured that the government would address this issue and help in cutting the number of strokes that occur in Northern Ireland every year. He was speaking at the recent NIMAST and UK Stroke Forum Joint Conference held in Lisburn.

The minister called for awareness among people to detect early signs and symptoms. If a suspected stroke patient is detected at an early stage then the recovery becomes very easy. Also, it is generally aid that prevention is better than cure. So rather than waiting for a patients to suffer stroke, it if is prevented when the symptoms start to appear, then it would help in curbing the overall number of patients. Stroke is among the top six killers in Northern Ireland and the F. A. S. T campaign launched by Poots last year highlights the importance of identifying early symptoms and treating them as a medical emergency.


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