Big Hospital Contracts Being Awarded Under Suspicion Circumstances

Big Hospital Contracts Being Awarded Under Suspicion CircumstancesWhen the Circle announced its merger with Hinchinbrook Hospital in Huntingdon, Cambridge shire, there was a sense that it was done in order to increase the quality public-private relationship so that the general public could take the benefits out of it. The private enterprise was the first one to manage an NHS hospital. Although the staff and assets remained in state control, it was hoped that due to a management of a private player, the service quality would get a boost.

But over time al the promises that were assured of in the beginning have taken a back seat. It now turns out that big hospital contracts are being awarded to private players in a form of a scandal. The routine information on expenditure is being increasingly concealed by freedom of information exemptions under the veil of commercial confidentiality.

This means that the general population can’t know about the exchange of public money which is being diverted to profit healthcare companies such as Virgin, UnitedHealth, Netcare, Serco and Circle. This is a very atrocious scenario and the speed at which contracts have been given along with the lack of public consultation there is an air of suspicions regarding corruption that ids brewing.


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