Candy Shop Removes US Candy Cigarettes From Stores

Candy Shop Removes US Candy Cigarettes From StoresCandies are kids' favorite and they love to have them all the time. Recently, a sweet shop chain in Auckland removed all the candies similar to American lolly cigarettes in looks after they were criticized by the public. The people are really against such products and want a candy shop to just close them immediately.

Ms. Babi Burdett, the Director of the food chain, told that they immediately stopped selling American products, as they didn't wanted to offend the general public. It was not in their company's culture to offend people. They wanted to retain public's love for their products.

A report was published against the sore that it was selling candies, which looked similar to cigarettes. The stocking candy sticks looked similar to hand rolled cigarettes and chewing gums with a wrapping, which made them look just like a cigarette. After the newspaper reported such a thing the food chain director immidiately reacted and told that their food chain will stop making such candies.

She also ordered to take five different types of look-alike lolly cigarettes off from the shelves of store as they were packed in packing similar to cigarettes. He immediately ordered the staff to take them off as even they could have been questioned.

Ms. Burdett also told that despite the American lollies are being removed from the counter the New Zealand ones are still being kept in store at Mt Eden and Devonport. They want to sell the spaceman candies, as a lot of kids love them. She added, "They are readily available everywhere, in The Warehouse, dairies, superettes. I don't see any reason to remove those", he said. The chain wanted to apologies publicly and they have that also.

These comments from her side have also told that cigarette lollies should be banned all over and a bill should be passed for the same.